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Market research covering carbon black, silica, rubber chemicals, insoluble sulfur, and other tire-related materials

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Notch Consulting, Inc. is a consultancy focused on meeting the business intelligence and market research needs of the global specialty chemicals industry. Our primary focus is on supply and demand for raw materials used in the tire industry.
Notch provides both customized and multi-client market research reports covering:
  • Macro Drivers 

  • Supply & Demand

  • Markets & Applications

  • Pricing

  • Competitors & Market Share

  • Production Capacity & Plant Expansions

  • Competitive Issues


Market research reports covering:

Carbon Black

Precipitated Silica

Rubber Antioxidants

Rubber Accelerators

Insoluble Sulfur

Rubber Tackifiers

Ita, Paul - Notch.jpg

Paul A. Ita, President/Sr. Analyst

Paul Ita has worked in market research and data analysis for more than 30 years. He formed Notch Consulting in 2002 to focus on the tire industry supply chain, particularly reinforcing fillers (carbon black and precipitated silica), rubber processing chemicals (antioxidants, accelerators, antiscorch agents), and specialty additives (insoluble sulfur, tackifiers, adhesion promoters). Notch's annual carbon black report, the Carbon Black World Data Book, is the most widely read and most extensively quoted report on this $22B global industry.  

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