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Work Opportunities in Silica and Carbon Black

Conditions are definitely difficult in the rubber and tire industries right now, so I wanted to pass on two potential employment opportunities for individuals with the appropriate skill sets.

1. Precipitated silica engineering consultant needed

Agri Process Innovations is seeking an engineer with experience in precipitated silica production for periodic consulting work. Interested parties should contact Steve Danforth or Brian Mattingly.

Agri Process Innovations PH: 870-673-3030 Email: bmattingly AT (replace AT with @) Web:

2. Tire Recycler Seeks Personnel for Carbon Black Advisory Board I posted this earlier in the month but wanted to repeat it.

McKinstry Reklaim is a Pacific Northwest company focused on reclaiming carbon black, oil, and steel from used tires through pyrolisis. The company’s first facility has been constructed in Boardman, OR, in cooperation with McKinstry Company and Harris Group. The plant became operational in late 2008.

The company is now interviewing individuals to join a Carbon Black Advisory Board. This group will provide industry insight, experience, and contacts to McKinstry Reklaim’s management team. Candidates should be seasoned professionals with strong experience in the following areas:

Marketing and Sales: Individuals with (a) extensive sales contacts in existing carbon black market places, (b) direct experience in developing marketing and pricing strategies, and (c) direct experience in developing sales accounts.

Product and Market Development: Individuals with extensive experience in developing carbon black products for specialty applications in inks, dyes, and pigments, and for use in rubber products. Candidates will advise the product development programs to be compatible with product properties and for enhancing product attributes.

Interested parties should contact Yaniv Gelnik PH: 206-547-9557 Email: yanivg AT (replace AT with @)

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