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Tire Recycler Holds Tour for Economic Team

McKinstry Reklaim Technologies Inc,, an Oregon tire recycler that began operations last fall, hosted a tour of state officials earlier this week. Members of the state Economic Revitalization Team toured the Port of Morrow, including the recycling. plant.

An article on the tour that appeared on the East Oregonian blog contained the following statistics for the plant:

Dan Kapral, director of advanced technology and manufacturing for Harris Group Inc. of Portland, led the plant’s design and construction. With the one processing unit it has, McKinstry Reklaim can process 105 auto tires every hour. The plant operates around the clock, so it recycles more than 2,600 tires daily. Kapral said the company plans to add five more processing units. Bill Langley, plant operations manager, said the recycling process produces about 8 pounds of carbon black per tire, or 21,000 pounds per day.

According to the article, the plant also produces 360 pounds of scrap steel per day, and 3,400 gallons of condensed oil, which is similar to a No. 4 diesel oil. Oil that is not condensed is burned for fuel. After the plant is expanded to include all six processors, Langley said, it will produce 60 percent of its own power.

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