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Researchers claim to reduce tire weight through nanosilicates instead of carbon black

A researcher in Iran has found using nanosilicate as a reinforcement in tire rubber can reduce tire weight, but the process has implications for carbon black usage. “The application of layered nanosilicate results in the reduction of carbon black quantity used in rubber blends thus reduces the density of blend so that it is possible to synthesize products with less weight,” said Azam Jalali Arani, a faculty member of the Polymer Engineering Department of Amirkabir University of Technology. “Tires lightening decreases fuel consumption of vehicles as well as the environmental pollution and consequently saves the energy consumption. Other specifications and final properties of the blend would also be improved and tire lifetime would be increased”, she added.

Jalali Arani first formulated the nanosilicate incorporated rubber blend. Then she analyzed and determined the optimized conditions for preparation of this blend. After that, blending and producing the nanocomposite sample and also analyzing and testing the properties of sample vulcanization were done by rheometric test. Sample vulcanization and cure according to the results obtained from rheometric test and produced nanocomposite properties study were a part of research outcomes.

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