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Leadership changes at Carbolytic Materials, a producer of recycled carbon black

From the St. Louis Business Journal comes word of leadership changes at Carbolytic Materials Co., a St. Louis-based company founded by a group of former Monsanto employees. James Howard, the company’s senior vice president of sales and marketing, has been named president and chief operating officer.

The company’s chief executive, Ray Riek, told the Journal that the leadership change would help drive CMC’s sales, which will top about $5 million at full production capacity. “Moving Jim to president and COO supports CMC’s growth as a renewable resources company manufacturing carbon and oil products, and is timely given CMC’s evolution over the last 12 months from a ‘technology startup’ to an established manufacturing company,” Riek was quoted as saying.

CMC purchases recycled tires and refines carbon black, which is typically made as a byproduct of burning crude oil. CMC purchases tires from recycling companies Granuband Macon LLC and Liberty Tire, both in Missouri, and it refines a recycled carbon black alternative from the scrap.

Read more: Carbolytic Materials names president, COO | St. Louis Business Journal

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