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Lanxess Opens Research Center in Qingdao, China

On a July 17, 2008, Lanxess AG announced the opening of a new Rubber Research Center (RRCQ) in Qingdao, Shandong Province. The center was established in cooperation with Qingdao’s University of Science and Technology (QUST), and is located in close proximity to the campus. The project represents an investment of around Eur 10 million, and will be operated jointly by Lanxess’s Technical Rubber Products, Butyl Rubber and Performance Butadiene Rubbers business units.

According to Günther Weymans, head of the Technical Rubber Products segment, the center will provide the entire research spectrum from basic research and technical customer service to preparation for the commercial exploitation of new developments.

Lanxess has a significant presence in China. In 1997, Lanxess opened a research and development laboratory for leather chemicals in Wuxi near Shanghai. In 2005, the company inaugurated a center for technical rubber in Shanghai, and in 2007 opened the Semi-Crystalline Products Research and Development Testing Center in Wuxi. The same year, the Performance Butadiene Rubbers business unit signed a cooperation agreement with the Beijing Institute for Rubber Research, and in 2008, Lanxess opened a microbiological laboratory for material protection products in Wuxi.

Here is the press release.

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