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Cabot Invests in Inkjet Colorants Business

Chemical and Engineering News (subscription required) has an excellent article on Cabot’s growing position in ink-jet printing colorants, exemplified by the company’s announcement last month of a $10 million investment to increase capacity for Cab-O-Jet color pigment dispersions and polymers at its facility in Haverhill, MA by 2012.

From the C&EN article:

The Haverhill plant opened in 2001 in a former backpack factory. Today it employs close to 80 lab technicians, engineers, managers, and hourly workers. The expansion project should add another 15 full-time positions, says Fred von Gottberg, who heads both Cabot’s ink-jet business and its new business segment.

Cabot began commercial production of its black pigment dispersions in 1998 and expanded into color products around 2000. The business has grown to $70 million in annual revenues.

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