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Cabot completes placement of air emission control equipment at Franklin

On June 26, Cabot Corporation announced that, as of June 2020, all major emission control equipment has been installed at its carbon black plant in Franklin, Louisiana. The project is part of an industry-wide agreement with the EPA’s national enforcement initiative to control air emissions from carbon black plants in the US. With this milestone, Cabot said that the project was 90% completed and on track to be completed in early 2021, well ahead of the industry deadline of April 2021. Cabot said that the project will reduce the plant’s NOx emissions by 90% through selective catalytic control and reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by 95% through wet gas scrubbing. This is equivalent to 900 tons per year of NOx and 6,500 tons per year of sulfur dioxide. A separate project at Cabot’s plant in Pampa, Texas was completed in 2017 and has reduced NOx emissions by 67%, equivalent to nearly 1,500 tons of emissions in three years, according to Cabot.

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